Life has given us lemons. Well, Jackson Pollocks to it. We’re making lemonade.



Yo 2020, wtf-happened?

F_ck it, enough doomscrolling. We’re banding together. We’re forming Voltron. We’re Wu-Tang’ing. We’re combining our efforts, ideas, businesses, income... the whole kit and caboodle.

We hereby declare it officially official. We’re in cahoots as a collective and we’ve even got a name.

We are Make Lemonade. Genius.


A quartet **for now** of makers, creators, movers and shakers. We make things for the Internet and we’ve been doing it for at least 1,000 years.


Orman Clark


British ennit. I’m litch-rally nearly 40 mate. Remember MS FrontPage? I bloody do. Love design, can’t code for toffee. And that’s OK.

Failed a lot. Like a lot, a lot. Succeeded a bit. Blissfully boss-free for **counts fingers** 12 years now. Well, sh_t, time flies. I’m passionate about helping fellow makers find that same independence.


Jason Schuller


I’ve been ripping sh_t apart and putting it back together since I could hold a screwdriver. I taught myself how to build for the web the same way, experimenting purely for the funk of it.

I’m addicted. I’ve made a boatload of products. Some failures, some bill payers, some takeovers. A career of random windfalls with many lemons in between.


Gilbert Pellegrom


I’m Scottish and I build software. I’ve been Scottish since ‘87, and building software since ‘07. Anything from semi-skimmed scripts to full-fat apps. If I’m building, I’m happy.

Big, small, bootstrapped, funded. I’m lucky to have collaborated on all sorts of projects, with all sorts of companies, all around the world. Aye.


JR Farr


I’ve made a few things, I’ve sold a few things. I'm still here, still making, and still learning.

Today, I’m making lemonade with these misfits and investing in other interesting projects around the web. Humbled to be here and give more than I take.


L👏e👏m👏o👏n👏a👏d👏e. We’re making it. And it ain’t no basic lemonade neither. We're making the sweet stuff, the special stuff, the mason jar and stripy straw stuff. You **will** like this stuff.

Things are about to get really truckin’ busy, but we’re up for the challenge. The sleeves are rolled. Should you be listening, here’s some of the projects we’ll be blabbing on about in 2021:


The easy-peasy way for creators to earn a living online. Create a beautiful lemonade stand for your digital products in minutes.


The simple way to build your online portfolio. We’ve helped more than 100,000 talented people across the world showcase their work in style.


Free “do wtf you want with” pixel-perfect icons.
New icons added every week.

Positive Notes

28,146,129 people are having a bad day. Show them some love with a positive note.

Premium Pixels

Premium Pixels

A collection of free design resources for creative people. Templates, icons, brushes, textures, patterns, and more. 10M downloads and counting.

Kick Link

Kick Link

Create a simple and friendly landing page for you and all your links in just a few minutes.


We’re making something new. Something for us, and something for creative people just like you.

Skin in the game has taught us something. That making things is what we’re all good at, that bit’s easy-peasy. But selling things online is what we’re all crap at, we’re making it Lemon Squeezy.

Do you want to sell online? Start a membership? Teach a course? Build an audience? Be your own boss? Then you need this lemonade in your life.

Put precious in the box below. We’ll let you know when we’ve juiced these lemons.

That’s it, we’re done x